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The “Generations, Generations” Association's form and its organisational structure provide for continuous
accomplishment of its objectives, while being in line with young people's expectations. The Association was established by those with many years’ experience of work with the youth in both charitable and social projects. A leading one among those has been a series of
Debutant Ball galas, with accompanying events, organised since 1998.

Some dozen years of our activity confirm the need to hand down, from generation to generation, the fundamental and unquestionable values, such as the canons of moral and civil attitudes, and traditional good manners. Polish traditions are interesting not only to those who have grown up in this environment,
but also to the youth with Polish roots and coming from abroad, who are looking for their identity. These young people do realise that knowledge based solely on theory or literature is not sufficient to be able to distinguish between what has been significant and unique in the Polish heritage, and what is only an
ephemeral element, or a mere ornament. They understand perfectly well that the transfer of tradition should be carried out in a live and practical manner, and being enriched with symbols. Our times are marked by migrations and emerging new diasporas. The Poles, both at home and abroad, are not exempt
from that trend. It is therefore important that those who live outside of Poland, preserve the links with their native tradition.

The charitable dimension of the event, i.e. fundraising to support humanitarian projects both in Poland and worldwide, motivates people of goodwill. The young generation is particularly prone to get involved in action projects to help those in need.

The “Generations, Generations” Association establishes co-operation with domestic and international institutions that support its chosen objectives, take part in the effort to attain them, or support them financially.

Jolanta Mycielska

JM podpis2
President of the “GENERATIONS, GENERATIONS” Association


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